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Mater Dei supporters traverse Tasmania's East Coast and raise over $86,000 for continuous learning programs

In April 2021, Mater Dei supporters embarked on an incredible Tasmania adventure raising more than $86,000 towards Mater Dei’s NextPath Continuous Learning Program for young adults with intellectual disabilities, which aims to help them strive for extraordinary things in their lives.

Over the two adventurous weeks, the two groups of supporters stepped out of their comfort zone and took on the charity's second Charity Challenge. The participants signed up not knowing each other, and at times even wondered if the trip would go ahead with the fluctuating restriction calls due to COVID. One of the trekkers from Queensland ended up coming down to the final days after getting clearance to travel!

The Mater Dei Team in action

Mater Dei supporters traverse Tasmania's East Coast on a kayaking, cycling and hiking adventure

The 23 trekkers took on the challenge of cycling, kayaking and hiking across seven days and, with limited training and preparation for some, it was a daunting task.

However, the group camaraderie and focus on why each person was there allowed everyone to achieve their personal goals.

The toughest day for some involved riding in 50km winds or hiking for eight hours up Mt Bishop and Clerk, yet the view at the top made it all worthwhile.

Mater Dei supporters on Day 2 as they traverse Tasmania's East Coast on a cycling, kayaking and hiking adventure Mater Dei supporters traverse Tasmania's East Coast on a hiking, cycling and kayaking adventure Mater Dei supporters enjoy panoramic views on Day 6 as they Tasmania's East Coast on a Charity Challenge

Thanks to all our intrepid trekkers for taking on the Tassie Trek for Mater Dei and raising a stellar $86,000+. An astonishing achievement!

“Our experience working with Huma has been a delight from our initial enquire to completion. The experience whilst on the Trek was wonderful, everything was clearly communicated to our groups by the exceptional guides and we were taken care of so well. The multi-activity challenge was such a great choice as every day provided a new challenge and a different perspective of the environment we were exploring. Such a fantastic way to see Tasmania, at a pace that suited all the group and was enjoyable for everyone.” – Sarah Ryan, Fundraising & Event Co-ordinator for Mater Dei.

About Mater Dei Foundation

Every dollar raised from this incredible adventure went towards Mater Dei’s NextPath Continuous Learning program. NextPath was formed out of the desire to offer young adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to continue learning beyond their compulsory high school education. Mater Dei believes everyone has the right to ongoing learning, to achieve their individual goals and engage in purposeful and meaningful activities.


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