Raising Money for Charity

How it all works

One of the most rewarding parts of a Charity Challenge is fundraising for a cause that is important to you. 

When people donate money in support of your Charity Challenge, they are making a difference to the lives of the charity’s beneficiaries.

Your fundraising goal and online portal will vary depending on the charity you are fundraising for, but we'll explain all that. 

If you'd like to find out more about how fundraising works on a particular Charity Challenge get in touch.

  • Team MDFA on the top of Mount Sonder on the Larapinta Trail |  <i>SB</i>
  • Trekkers enjoying the sunshine on the ascent |  <i>Kyle Super</i>
  • Fundraising for a cause on the Huma Great Wall Open Challenge |  <i>Claire Smart</i>
  • Riding along the roads between Buon Me Thuot to Dalat, Vietnam
  • Local guide and trekkers smiling for photo |  <i>Heike Krumm</i>
  • Celebrating at the top of Mount Sonder. |  <i>Larissa Duncombe</i>

Fundraising guidebook


Fundraising for charity on the Huma Great Wall of China Open Challenge |  <i>Claire Smart</i>

Once you have registered on a charity challenge you’ll be sent our comprehensive Fundraiser’s Guidebook containing:

  • Options about how to approach your fundraising
  • Templates to manage your time and activities
  • An abundance of fundraising activity ideas – trivia nights, sausage sizzles, chocolate boxes etc
  • Case studies from previous fundraisers to inspire you and more!

In addition to the guidebook, which is an invaluable source of information, your Huma Charity Challenge consultant is also available to assist, motivate and encourage you throughout your fundraising efforts.