Laos Charity Challenges

Lush, languid and welcoming, Laos is famous for its meandering rivers, tranquil cities and overall gentle pace. But this is by no means a boring destination, nor is it a slouch when it comes to outdoor adventures.

Raise money for your favourite charity as you cycle the scenic back roads of the Mekong River Delta, kayak down rivers fringed with dramatic karst outcrops or trek the remote jungle-clad mountains of the north.

Discover hidden caves and waterfalls, ancient ruins and mysterious stone megaliths; tour splendid temples and handsome colonial architecture, and explore the delightful river city of Luang Prabang, with its golden Buddhas, saffron-robed monks and vibrant night markets.

Our charity challenge experts can create a customised itinerary for your group or can match you with one of our upcoming challenges. Get in touch today and start planning your Laos adventure for a cause!

Upcoming charity challenges in Laos


A custom made itinerary is the ultimate way to see the world how YOU want. They are created especially for you, giving you complete freedom to choose what you want to see, where you want to go and when you want to do it. If you love our current itineraries but want to customise it privately as a couple, a group of friends, family, club, business or school, you have the freedom to add or remove as many elements as you like to suit the interests of your group. Alternatively, you can start with a blank canvas and create a new and exciting itinerary from scratch! Our well-travelled consultants can give you firsthand suggestions and eliminate any uncertainty with trip planning to ensure you maximise the quality of your experience and get truly off the beaten track. Simply email, phone or visit us to start planning your dream adventure.

No Fees for Charities

Unlike many other charity challenge providers, we do not charge charities service fees to operate a challenge, allowing you to raise more funds.

Responsible Travel

For us it is important that our charity challenges protect the cultures and environments we visit - so sustainability is central to our planning.

Custom Challenges

We offer you flexibility to customise a charity challenge to suit your needs and budget. Choose your own destination, departure date and charity.

Ultimate value

Quality services at the best prices make our Laos adventures great value for money. While all of our cycle trips include bikes and back up support vehicles, accommodations have been chosen based on their location and local charm. Additionally, we aim to incorporate as many inclusions in the trip cost as possible including most meals, transfers, domestic flights and national park fees.

Authentic experiences

Our adventures are designed to take you off the well-trodden tourist trails and gain insight into life on this side of the world. Whether you choose a cycling or hiking adventure, travelling under your own steam is an incredibly rewarding way to explore the hidden gem of Laos.


Support of local communities

We employ staff from local communities and provide them with training, good wages and insurance benefits under the labor law. We also use locally run accommodation and encourage travellers to shop and dine at locally operated stalls and establishments.

Carbon travel minimisation

Our itineraries are designed to minimise the amount of carbon produced, opting for bikes, city walks, cyclos and electric cars as first options.

Child safe tourism

We protect vulnerable children by adhering to our comprehensive Child Welfare Code of Conduct and seek to educate travellers about the issues surrounding such abuses.

Animal welfare focus

We advocate against the practice of riding on the back of an elephant as part of a tourism experience and as such, we do not include elephant rides in any of our Cambodia itineraries. In the interest of public safety and animal welfare we also discourage travellers from partaking in such activities outside of our trips.