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2 Simple Ways to Re-engage Your Supporters

Are you finding it more and more difficult each year to engage support for your charity? Are you stuck for new fundraising campaign ideas that don't just motivate people to donate but to also become engaged with your cause? It might be time that you consider a Charity Challenge, a proven method to attract much needed funds as well as a way to get valuable 'earned' social media via your supporters.

What is a Charity Challenge?

First launched in Australia in the 1990s by pioneering adventure travel company World Expeditions, they offered the groundbreaking 'See the World' fundraising trips for Fred Hollows Foundation. Charity Challenges combine fundraising for a physical and mental challenge to some of the world's most iconic destinations. For many, the thought of completing a 100 kilometre cycle, ride or trekking to Everest Base Camp would never cross their mind, unless they were doing it to challenge themselves in aid of a cause or charity close to their heart. 

Here are two styles of Charity Challenges to engage your supporters and maximise your fundraising:

1) Dedicated Charity Challenge

A dedicated Charity Challenge is only open to your supporters and anyone who identifies with your cause. Everyone who registers for a dedicated Charity Challenge will be required to fundraise for your charity only. Often the people who donate to these travellers are their family and friends so it will help your charity get more exposure and indirectly gain more supporters. 

A dedicated Charity Challenge will also provide an avenue for your supporters to meet like-minded people and put themselves outside their comfort zone, be it in Australia or overseas. Providing a memorable experience for your supporters will be the talk of town for years to come.

Watch our video on our Conquer Kozi Challenge with R U OK?

On 4 March 2017, 72 passionate R U OK? supporters conquered the elements at Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. Together, they believed in the power of conversation and raised over $76,000 towards suicide prevention. Make a difference and join Conquer Kozi in 2018

2) Open Challenge

An Open Challenge is a fundraising adventure that is perfect for charities who want to provide a Charity Challenge without the commitment of meeting minimum registrations. It is ideal for those charities with a smaller support base. During an Open Challenge, your supporters will meet other passionate people who are fundraising for a charity close to their heart. Your supporters can select from a variety of destinations across the globe to challenge themselves and fundraise for your charity. Popular destinations include Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, Machu Picchu in Peru, Great Wall of China, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and more. See overseas challenges.

Climbing on the old section of the Great Wall on a charity challenge |  <i>Ayla Rowe</i>

Interested in doing a Charity Challenge to maximise your fundraising?

We operate Charity Challenges to help charities promote their cause and achieve their fundraising goals. Unlike other providers, we do not charge charities a fee to operate the challenges so all funds raised will go towards the charities.

Since 2013, we have organised more than 500 customised challenges and helped fundraise over $5 million for charities. When you partner with us, you receive fundraising and marketing support to help ensure your fundraising goal is achieved and your Charity Challenge is successful. 

We can operate your Charity Challenge anywhere in the world as we are powered by our parent company World Expeditions Travel Group, a pioneer in the adventure travel industry with 40+ years of experience.

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Why choose Huma Charity Challenge? 

No Fees for Charities

We do not charge any fees to the Charity to operate a Challenge, allowing you to raise more funds.

Powered by World Expeditions 

All Challenges are operated by our parent company World Expeditions, a pioneer of the adventure travel industry since 1975.

Customised Challenges

We can customise a Charity Challenge to suit your needs and budget. Choose your  destination and departure date.  

Responsible Travel

We design our Charity Challenges to support true sustainability by protecting the local communities, natural environments and wildlife.