Responsible Travel underpins everything we do at Huma Charity Challenge
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By choosing to travel with Huma Charity Challenge you are choosing to travel responsibly ... it is at the heart of what we do, and it is our goal to support you and make it simple for you to travel this way.

Because of that, we offer you the choice to offset the carbon emissions from your air travel.

The carbon offsets we purchase on your behalf are sourced by Climate Friendly, an utterly reputable carbon management company based in Sydney Australia.  They have rigorous quality assurance processes and support only the best, most effective projects that prevent carbon emissions being generated.

You have the choice of offsetting 1 tonne of carbon (approx. $AUD17.00).

Take a look at the projects we are currently supporting.

Responsible Travel

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to responsible tourism. It is important that our adventures do not diminish the natural values of the environment - and sustainability is a vital part of our planning. Our itineraries always aim to benefit the local people we interact with, safeguard the ecosystems we explore and contribute to the sustainability of travel in the regions we experience. This can only be achieved with the support of all of our travellers and business partners.

Our RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL GUIDEBOOK has been written as an educational tool to ensure that our travellers and partners are aware if the role they play in our Responsible Travel efforts. The booklet sets out our environmental objectives and practices, provides examples of responsible tourism initiatives we put in place in the field and outlines how travellers can play a part in reducing the impact on environments and cultures around the world. Every Huma Charity Challenge traveller receives a copy of this guidebook. Please enjoy reading our award winning Responsible Travel Guidebook.



Want more flexibility in your choice of travel dates, destination or charity for which you would like to raise funds and awareness?

Open challenges give you the freedom to choose your own adventure, and take your challenge alongside other like-minded fundraisers!

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